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Songs: I'm So Much Cleverer Than You

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I bet you didn't realise the world is run by people who are rich
I bet you didn't know that rampant sexism continues to exist
But I did
Because I'm so much cleverer than you

I bet you think that global warming's something that's going to go away
I bet you think that overall the world will all turn out to be OK
But I don't
Because I'm so much cleverer than you

I bet you really like Religion
I bet you trust all politicians
I bet you think that the police care about you
I bet you phone-in for competitions
I bet you've got a television
I bet you think newspapers only tell the truth

I'm sure this is all a surprise
I must have blown your tiny mind
I know my insight is original and new
But now you know the world is sad
You'll know you've no reason to laugh
And most of all, you'll know I'm cleverer than you
I'm so much cleverer than you!

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

There's a certain sort of band that are FOREVER doing songs like this - during Britpop I remember the band James, for instance, doing a song where they slagged off VICARS for believing in a WHITE BEARDED GOD, and it ANNOYED the heck out of me! These were GROWN MEN expressed the half-cocked opinions of adolescents and not only expecting plaudits but GETTING them.

HENCE when I realised that Smart Alex in "Total Hero Team" needed a song of his own this became VERY easy to right - almost too easy. I especially like the bit about "I bet you've got a television" - even in THIS day and age you still hear dull wankers saying they haven't got one and EXPECTING A BLOODY MEDAL. Grr!

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