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Songs: It Isn't Jetpacks

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When I got myself a mobile phone
I thought I doubt I'll use it that often
But within half a week
I was texting you ten times a day

And now I can't go out without ringing home
At least once a night, and more if drunk
And if we're meeting at 6
I'll ring you at 18 hundred and 1.

And now when I watch DVDs
It's incomprehensible to me
That Magnum doesn't just ring Higgins
And say I've been shot

When I met my friends at the Beer Festival
We would wonder what happened to Stefan?
It was a mystery - where was he?
Had he followed his dream?

And then I looked him up in Yahoo Search
And found his homepage and address
And now he's on Friends United
And probably on Facebook

And now when I watch DVDs
It seems inefficient to me
That Magnum doesn't Google his clients
To check out their story

Now we're eight years into the future
And life's changed in ways we'd not seen
With laptops, and wireless and texting
Downloaded music, digital TV

But still, it isn't Jet Packs
We never get to teleport
And I'd rather have a moon walk
Than BBCi, Sky One or More4
And if Magnum were here, his litte voice
Would whisper, I guess it's OK
But still, it isn't Jet Packs, in space

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Part of the PLAN of doing all this was to write some songs for a show I'm doing later this year, although this is the first one that might be even vaguely useable. The show is called My Exciting Life In ROCK and lots of it is about gigs around 10 years ago, when mobile phones were dead exciting, so this might fit in there.

Also, I really like Magnum PI. We're onto series 3 now, STILL fantastic!

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