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Songs: It Isn't Nice To Eat Your Friends

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A little cultural misunderstanding's bound to occur
Whenever one or other party's tried to conquer the world
So we've devised this simple guide for you and made it a song
We hope you'll like it and remember, when you sing along -
Please don't eat the singer

It isn't nice to eat your friends
Even only now and then
We'll take your questions at the end (but basically)
It isn't nice to eat your friends

You might think we're being picky but we're not being rude
We want to be treated as equals not as food
We know there's billions of us but that doesn't mean
You can have a member of the family for tea
So please stop chewing Grandad

It isn't nice to eat your friends
Even only now and then
Whether they are adults or children
It isn't nice to eat your friends

And in our turn we will try to not get too upset
If you ever accidentally eat our pets
Man and dinosaur must learn to work as a team
And that means going handing in hand, not head between your teeth

It isn't nice to eat your friends
Even only now and then
Let's all remind ourselves again
It isn't nice to eat your friends

Please don't eat your friends

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

As everybody knows, at some point in any PROPER story people who once were enemies have to put aside their differences and band together to fight against a great foe. It's called a TEAM-UP, and "Dinosaur Planet" is nothing if not a PROPER story.

Hence THIS, which examines the difficulties in fighting alongside creatures that view you as a plentiful supply of SNACKS. I'm not sure exactly where this PLEA FOR TOLERANCE will go in the show as yet, but whenever it is I'm sure it will engender a sense of well-being and love for the world not seen since the heyday of That Song From The Coca Cola Advert.

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