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Songs: Not Yet

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Like a poker through the butter
Every time your name is uttered
I melt

Like a drunk when streets are wet
The very first time our eyes met
I fell

Like a man without a pension
Every time your name is mentioned
I get nervous for the future

Or the owner of a boutique
Who is dazzled by your beauty
What I've got is bound to suit you

Like a band who've joined myspace
I'm about three years too late
To think that you could be my friend

But like a grandma scared of flying
I'll just have to keep on trying
If I'm to see you again

Like a poker player bluffing
It looks like I'm doing nothing
But my brain is at full stretch

And like a minor left wing faction
One day I'll spring into action
Just not yet

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This started off with the first verse thinking about maybe being something else, but it turns out i spent SO MUCH of my early adulthood PINING GENERALLY that writing a song about not being able to do anything is pretty much my default position.

The bit about a band just now getting on to myspace is something i've been meaning to use for AGES, the bit about a Grandma probably got in there because my Mum's just rung to tell me I'm an uncle again!

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