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Songs: Rose Tinted Glasses

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Those rose tinted glasses you wear
See things that were never there
Im trying hard to let you know
Those days are over
Let them go

Were stuck in the here and now
Wed best get used to it somehow
Instead of stumbling in the night
We could be stumbling in the light

How much of this was true?
How much pretend?
These memories remind me
Of what was good
And could be again

Those photos you took of me
Seem free from tragedy
If magic waters took you back
Would you find all the things you lack?

What happened to you and me?
And the people we used to be?
What happens when our dreams
Start coming apart at the seams?

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Co-written with John Dredge for The Plinths - I sent him a TUNE and he wrote the lyrics. This features my favourite bit of Plinths production so far - a marching kazoo band!

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