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Songs: Some Things Are Small, Some Things Are Far Away Saturday

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A window pain can contain
An entire mountain range
And you can occlude the whole of the moon
With a normal table spoon

But I want to know how long I have to go
Before you are hidden from view?
Because however far I am from where you are
I can still see glimpses of you

Some things are far away
And some are small

A bit of distance makes a lot of difference
To the span of my eclipse
The details get less clear as I move through the year
And your outline seems to shrink

But though you fade away I'm sure you'll always stay
A massive landmark on my mind
Part of the scenery even if i need
A telescope to find you

Some things are far away
And some are small

But now I can't work out where you are
I've not looked for you in a while
And now better days are getting in the way
Of seeing that part of my life

I should have made a map I should remember that
Mistakes can be made about size
Because sometimes it's hard to get perspective
When you've closed one of your eyes

Some things are big
And some things were just near

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

I thought I'd have a go at a Plucky Strings sort of song... like Billy Bragg. There! I said it! I bought "Taxman" and "Worker's Playtime" again recently, so that's why this sounds like it does.

I used to have LOADS of these songs years ago but fell out of the habit of writing them, possibly because I am a lot happier these days so have less need for them. Anyway, i dug back into the past for some SADNESS, found it, and wrote it down!

Being me I couldn't help but stick in a last verse saying "AHA! Works both ways!" so I didn't fight it, and did so!

Oh, and yes - Father Ted!

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