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Songs: Touch Wood

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I saw a penny
I picked it up
I can't say that I've noticed
Any Extra good luck

Or maybe it's been protecting me all day
Maybe I was due to be knocked down by a train
Perhaps I should have been ripped apart by wolves
I think I'll keep on picking pennies up

Touch wood - that's just my luck
Touch wood - that's just my luck

I ate an apple
Every day
I'm not sure that it ever kept
The doctor away

But perhaps it's been stopping me from getting sick
Perhaps my spine was due to break or my legs split
It could be I've been poisoned and I never knew
I guess I'd better keep consuming the fruit

Touch wood - that's just my luck
Touch wood - that's just my luck

I was early to bed
I was early to rise
I'm not sure if I'm healthy, or wealthy
Or wise

But I've got a penny, that's something, yes?
And an apple to I've not eaten yet
So I'll make a decision I doubt I'll regret
Goodnight all, I'm off back to bed

Touch wood - that's just my luck
Touch wood - that's just my luck

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

I was on my way to work when I saw a penny on the ground. I kept walking, but then thought "See a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck" and DID so.

Later, at work, I thought "I don't appear to be having especially good luck today" but then fell to considering that i MIGHT be, but didn't realise because it was busy fighting off BAD luck - like when you take a ZINC tablet and don't feel particularly ZINGY, but also don't actually catch a cold.

This very easily led to the first verse and also the second, then I got a bit STUCK trying to think of a THIRD proverb. i GOOGLED proverbs, rhymes, sayings and so forth, with AND without the first two included, until eventually I saw the FINAL verse and realised that it fit perfectly.

And that was pretty much it - I worked out a FAIRLY complicated (for me) but also FAMILIAR chord pattern, and we're done!

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