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Songs: We're The Mars Men Of Jupiter

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We’re the Mars Men Of Jupiter
You think you’re pretty cool? We’re groovier
You got a girlfriend? You'll be losing her to the
Mars Men Of Jupiter

We’ve come for your women
We’ve come for your girls
We’re taking your ladies
And all of your birds

Oh you’ve never met a lover who’s as clean as me
I wash my naughty bits hygenically
The men of Jupiter are fresh and clean
And that’s what makes us sexy

We’re the Mars Men Of Jupiter
Making stupid people look stupider
We’re like love gods but cupider, we're the
Mars Men Of Jupiter

We’ve got lots of death rays
We’ve got lots of guns
So give us your females
And we’ll give them some hot love

But beneath the mask the truth is
We’re feeling quite small and insecure
Because the Mars Maidens of Jupiter
Won’t talk to us any more
They said we were too smelly
And thick so they went to live on Venus
They said We don’t want your stupid jokes
Or your crappy dancing
And we have no need for your microscopic personalities!

Mars Maidens! Come home!
Mars Maidens, won't you please come home?
Mars Maidens, won't you please come home?
Mars Maidens, won't you please come home?

It's true I get a bit stinky
In the area of my winky
Thinks can get a bit sweaty
I've got more cheese than a bowl of spaghetti
But baby I'll change, I'll get clean
I promise that I'll have a bath every week
Gonna carve my heart into a bar of soap
Mars maidens - please come home

Mars Maidens, won't you please come home?
Mars Maidens, won't you please come home?

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Oh boy! This was the MOST fun song to do - rapping! synchronised dancing! BALLADRY! more rapping! This was the song we'd ALWAYS do if called on to do a SEGMENT of the show as it is PACKED with GAGS - although I am ASHAMED to say it does feature one of those "We're about to say a RUDE WORD... Oh! NO WE'RE NOT!" jokes which i usually HATE and think is All That Is Wrong With Musical Comedy (i.e. "microscopic p...ersonalities"). It's the only one we DO have, and it always got a laugh, but still, I felt SHAME.

The rest of it was just GOOD TIMES from start to finish though - when we both started doing ARCHER poses for "Cupider" I knew we were on to a winner, and the eventual agreement on EMOTIONAL GRUNTING during the balladry, where we actually convinced ourselves we WERE Boyz2Men, is another highlight for me!

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