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Songs: We've Done Something Evil

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I've done something evil
The opposite of good
It was me who persuaded people
To order cocktails in the pub

They could have had a pint
It would be ten times as quick
But now they feel sophisticated
Drinking penguin sick

I've done something evil
This will make you ill
It was me designed the interface
for the self-service till


We've done something evil
This is by far the worst
The Mars Men Of Jupiter
Have gone and bought the Earth

Thanks to our new leader
She came up with the plan
She is the Evil Empress
Of England Scotland Wales And Northern Ireland

We've bought the Earth fol-de-rol
We've bought the Earth fol-de-ra

You know the world you live on?
It isn't really yours
It's been bought with raised capital
By good entrepeneurs

We've done something evil
Oh yes

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

The Mars Men Of Jupiter sing of their evil deeds, in praise of their new leader. As you do.

This one was HARD WORK to sort out - there were originally TWO verses at the start about Annoying Bar Mistakes, NEITHER of which ever really got any laughs, so I cut them down to ONE and GENEROUSLY gave that to Steve, leaving one of the biggest LARFS in the whole show for ME. It was also originally in 4/4 time and sounded a LOT like 'Privatising Everything', but making it a gentle WALTZ, I think, sorted that out.

When we first did it I hadn't heard anyone else even MENTION Self-Service Tills in Popular Entertainment, but by the time the run finished it was in the title sequence of Room 101! We are COMEDY PIONEERS!

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