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I'm Saying Yes

Welcome to the video page for "I'm Saying Yes", my song about why I'm going to be saying "YES" in the UK's AV referendum on May 5th. Here it is!

The video was made entirely by me at home in the week before Easter 2011. It's not allied in any way to any political party or campaigning group (although I do think the various Yes To Av people are GRATE) nor has it been funded or commissioned by anyone. I just got a bit excited and thought it would be a good idea!

The dancing Nick Clegg bits were done using Jib Jab, i nabbed a couple of clips off YouTube and images from the interweb, but the drawings and ACTING are all my own work... as you can probably tell.

The song itself is on my download album Wonderful Wednesday which is available to download from sites like iTunes or directly from us via our bandcamp page. Alternatively you can stream the song live for FREE and also read the lyrics over on the lyrics page.

Thanks for dropping by, hope you enjoy the song and do please consider getting out on May 5th and voting "YES!"

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