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Today I would like to present a couple of items ELSEWHERE which feature ME in them. I like things that feature ME in them!

The first of these is the latest Kooba Radio podcast which not only features a SNEAK PEEK of (a quite rough, early mix of) Theme From Dinosaur Planet but a big chunk of INTERVIEW with me and Steve. Well, I say with me and Steve, but as you can probably tell from listening Steve didn't get much of a word in edgeways, as I was Quite Excitable. This was BEFORE the gig and BEFORE I'd had more than a PINT of beer, so goodness knows how DELIGHTFUL i must have been by the end of the evening!

Secondly, and on a rather different tack, here's a proper thoughtful article about my song The Fight For History. I was really a) pleased that it meant something to someone b) impressed by the levels of Getting It that goes on - i was ESPECIALLY impressed by the fact that the article mentions Boris Johnson and Anne Widdicombe, BOTH of whom have been creeping into live versions of the song lately as people whose PAST is gently ignored by most of us (including me at times, I have to admit) as they take on the GUISE of Charming Buffoon/Crazy Old Lady respectively. It's a dead good article, with a lot of LINKS to more interesting stuff!

Oh, and finally, as a BONUS FEATURE, here's a video of me GABBLING AWAY at the Midwinter Picnic at the weekend. Good LORD, do i EVER shut up?

posted 20/1/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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