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Blog: Busy Times In The Studio

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It's all been rather HECTIC these past few days in my Home Studio, as LOADS of things have been going on.

I've already mentioned Monster Island, which I did for The Pop For Kids Project but SIMULTANEOUS with that I've been recording songs for The Geek Pop Festival, which is happening next month. Yesterday I finished off the THIRD and FINAL of my solo songs and got it sent off - there's still my DUET with Vom Vorton to get done, but I wanted to get the BULK finished off before i go off doing all these GIGS over the next few weeks and, indeed, get going on February Album Writing Month.

For LO! FAWM has BEGUN! I got to the start of this month with NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what I was going to do - I had a couple of vague ideas about HOW I might record it, but yesterday morning got BONKED by a Good Idea that didn't really fit in with ANY even VAGUELY preconcieved ideas, so just DID it. In fact i did TWO songs, which are now up there ready for listening to on my FAWM page, they're called I'm Completely Up To Date and Wonderful Wednesday and are rather light, fluffy and tasty, i think. Have a listen and see what you think - that's 2 down, 12 still to go!

posted 3/2/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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