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Blog: We're Going To Edinburgh!

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Yesterday was Deadline Day for BARGAIN registration for the Edinburgh Fringe i.e. the final FINAL deadline is in four weeks, but that costs about a hundred quid MORE than if you did it before 5pm yesterday, so, as usual, the interweb yesterday was FULL of comedians and the like trying to work out what their show was going to be CALLED.

This seems to be USUAL in the world of comedy - you think of a title on the LAST POSSIBLE DAY and then try and work out what the show's going to be on the train there. Coming from The World Of Rock, however, which ASTOUNDINGLY is Organised and Together in comparison, we not only have a TITLE for our show ("Moon Horse vs. The Mars Men Of Jupiter", as i have possibly mentioned) but also a FULL SCRIPT (now on its FIFTH draft and heading for its offical READTHROUGH at Chez Hewitt at the weekend).

And yet, despite this we were STILL dashing around trying to get ourselves sorted half an hour before the deadline! How could this BE? We had a PHOTO (the basic version of which you can see on the website) and a BLURB, what were we WAITING for?

Well, first of all we were waiting for CONFIRMATION of our venue - the place we'd originally been allocated by GURU and All-Round Good Guy Mr Peter Buckley-Hill decided a few weeks ago NOT to do the Free Fringe after all, so PBH had to go out and find somewhere ELSE for the HOST of acts who'd been booked into the THREE venues within the aforesaid place. WONDERFULLY he DID do so, but it didn't get into the Fringe system until Tuesday... and the the Fringe system decided NOT TO WORK FOR US.

NYARGH! Every time I tried to enter our details in it claimed "cannot have duration of 0" i.e. a show starting and ending at the same time. We DIDN'T, but every time i went to check it I got taken back to someone ELSE'S show details! YIKES!

Luckily the support people at the Fringe Office are GRATE - and indeed always have been, as we seem to have ISSUES nearly every year. They even rang me BACK to talk about it and said they'd let me know when it was sorted.

I was still a bit PANICKY about it so, at 4.30pm yesterday, had one last check... and found out it was all WORKING! HOOPLA! I RACED to get the registration fee paid and so, with TWENTY MINUTES to spare, we were IN! "Moon Horse vs. The Mars Men Of Jupiter" by MJ Hibbett and Steve (he gets full billing now he's qualified) is GO for the Edinburgh Fringe! PHEW!

Thus, if you're the sort of person who wishes to organise their social life 4-5 months in advance, and are going to be in Scotland later this year, you may wish to DIARISE the following: we're going to be playing at the Buff's Club (at the RAOB club on West Register Street) from 6-20 August at 5pm every day. HOORAH!

All we need to do now is sort the flyers out, book the train... oh yeah, and actually LEARN it. That'll be PEASY, won't it?

posted 31/3/2011 by MJ Hibbett

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I'll be there hopefully! Never heard of the venue..Googled it and found these tasty pictures!
posted 31/3/2011 by Gary Urquhart

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