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Blog: Single Release Day

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As readers of the (slightly early this month) NEWSLETTER will be aware, today is the official release day for the Battle Of Peterborough free download single!

The single is available to download for free from the main Dinosaur Planet webpage, or indeed RIGHT HERE:

(right click here for direct download.

It's accompanied by a RATHER SPLENDID VIDEO shot entirely on location of Google Steet View, which you can witness AT YOUR OWN RISK, THUS:

(direct link to YouTube)

As always on these occasions I would be TREMENDOUSLY grateful for any mentions, links, likes or retweets - I'm very proud of this, especially the video, and I'd rather like it if it kick-started the mighty NEXT PHASE of the Dinosaur Planet PUBLICITY ENSLAUGHT. There's LOTS more to come this summer, hold on to your HATS!

posted 28/5/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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