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Blog: Weekend Of Culture

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CRIKEY but I had a weekend of CULTURE this weekend. It kicked off on Saturday morning when myself, Mr S Hewitt, and a range of Exciting People gathered to watch Mr Ben Moor give the first full showing of his new one man show. It was GORGEOUS - like all his stuff it was RICH with STUFF, every sentence an IDEA and GAGS that make you feel better about being a human being. Afterwards you could see ashen faced comedians stumbling away, vowing to do BETTER. It was, in fact, so full of THORTS and MULTIPLE LEVELS that it was more like songwriting than stand-up - THERE IS NO HIGHER PRAISE.

Then we went to see a FILM - "Sightseers", which was dead good, although having gone IN post-Ben Moor wanting to phrase everything we said with ELEGANCE we emerged from the film thinking "Look at that rude sod over there. Let's MURDER him."

Our final cultural stop for the day was to pop to the Southampton Arms in Camden for the start of the Campaign For Really Good Beer PUB CRAWL. CAMRGB is an organisation set up by Crayola from Sarandon to campaign for... well, for good beer (irrespective of how it is made) and good times. I ENDORSE them entirely - I know it is a RADICAL thing to say, but I LIKE good beer and good times. POLITICAL!

Then on Sunday I gathered with Mr S Hewitt for a Total Hero Team practice. It's amazing how much MORE FUN it is doing shows when you know the words - I'd learned up pretty much the first half of it, and THOROUGHLY enjoyed myself. I'm doing traditional LINE learning while Steve's doing iPod listening, so he took over Knowing What He Was Doing ENTIRELY in the second half, as I didn't have a clue what was going on! Still, the whole thing sounded GRATE, and I was BOOSTED in confidence about How It's Going To Go.

That's not to say we're not still AFEARED - we're doing our first show on January 7th at the Etcetera Theatre (tickets are VERY MUCH still available),which is a bit earlier than we'd expected, so we booked some EXTRA rehearsal, and I've spent the past couple of days DILIGENTLY learning. It may not be PERFECT by the time we hit the stage (in - YIKES!! - three weeks!!!!) but hopefully it will at least be ACCEPTABLE!

And then the culture CLIMAXED back home with this year's viewing of "Planes, Trains and Automobiles". Yes yes, i KNOW it's not TECHNICALLY a Christmas Film, it's Thanksgiving, but STILL: it is NONE more Christmassy and is ACE. We LARFED, we CRIED, it was GRATE - what could possibly be more Christmassy than THAT?

posted 18/12/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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How exciting! I've got my ticket!
posted 18/12/2012 by Gareth Williams

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