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I don't know why, but while I was away there was a FLURRY of things occurring. For instance, you may have noticed that the Shed Of Renown counter has moved around a bit. This is because three beautiful people took advantage of the Back Catalogue Bonanza Offer in the shop over the weekend - bless you all for you bargain hunting beauty!

Meanwhile, there was a STAMPEDE of reviews, with Zietgeist and Wide Open Road reviewing Shed Anthems, and DVD Fever following up the Hey Hey 16K KRAZINESS with a review of Say It With Words. They're all very lovely, although I was driven a bit bonkers by the Wide Open Road one, as it gets the whole point of City Centres completely 180 degrees wrong! Usually I wouldn't mind, but for some reason the review isn't on their web site, so I had to type it out (so that you, dear reader, can read it in the Shed Anthems Reviews section), all the time thinking "But NO! That isn't what it means at ALL!!!" I bet Thom Yorke doesn't have to do that...

And finally, as if all THAT wasn't enough, someone's asked to put "The Perfect Love Song" (one of the b-sides to the Hey Hey 16K Online Single) in a FILM! OK, it's a small independent film, but it IS apparently going to be shown at a film festival - COOL! More details on that, obviously, when I know more FACTS.

PHEW! It was all rather a lot to come back to, although perhaps it means I should leave the country more often?

posted 27/7/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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