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Deep in deepest Leicestershire, preparations are in hand for what, already, I am calling "WOOD(house eaves)STOCK"!

Other people are calling it the Toddlers Playground Project's Christmas Gig, as that is what it is... it's going to take place on Saturday December 11th at Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall (just outside Leicester, accessible by bus route 123, i think), and it'll feature a BIG SET by The Validators, followed (and maybe preceeded too) by THE TUBE BAR, legendary discotheque of YOR. News reaches me today from a Mr T. TheCelebrity Drummer that, rather than bother everyone with a BAR and LICENCE and things, it is going to be a BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE affair - this, surely, is the MOVEMENT sweeping the nation at current time? Apparently there is also going to be a SMOKE MACHINE! WHOOOOO!!!

I'm really looking forward to it anyway - if i get my act together I'm going to be putting more details, like what buses you can get there and back from Leicester and Derby, at, so that hopefully we can get some TOWNSFOLK there too. It is going to be ACE.

posted 19/10/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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