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Blog: Quality Of Life Enhancement

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You find me in a FLURRY of ACTION, both ROCK and Actual Work based... KERPOW! I spent a good hour or so on ROCK ADMINISTRATION last night, and completed the following things:
  • I wrote up the MINUTES to Mr Fleay and I's AAS MINI-MEETING on Tuesday night, and indeed ACTIONED a couple of things that had long lain dormant since Mr Whitaker left the Board.
  • I BURNED a CD of 16 tracks, ready for Friday when I'm heading out to North London to record the AAS SPECIAL on Kooba Radio, which should then hopefully go live by the end of the month - I tell you what, we have released some BLOODY GRATE records over the past six and a bit years, I always forget how GRATE we actually ARE!
  • I've uploaded the lyrics to Quality Of Life Enhancement Devixe to the Song Blog, as promised. I haven't done the annotations yet, because I've got quite a few other ones to do too, so am putting that off until ENERGY LEVELS are high enough - i might be having a Computer Weekend soon tho, so will maybe get it all done then.
  • I practiced playing the New Bit authored by aforementioned Fleay for "Zipcodes" that i spoke of yesterday. It was weird, it was HARD and DIFFICULT for ages, then suddenly i ACTUALLY FELT my brain go CLICK, like your elbow or jaw or shoulder sometimes does (pick your own gammy limb if not provided), and it all felt perfectly natural. It reminded me of when i was in JAPAN - for days I looked out on a SEA OF FACES, all of whom just looked JAPANESE, then one morning on the way into work my MIND worked out that it couldn't get away with just saying "That person looks Japanese, so that'll do as their MENTAL THUMBNAIL" like it would do walking through a crowd back home, and SWITCHED, just like that, to actually differentiating between a whole different set of INDICATORS to normal. It was UNSETTLING as all at once i STAGGERED BACK from hundreds and hundreds of INDIVIDUALS walking at me, rather than a crowd. It was WEIRD! And... Er... That's what it was like last night, when my subconscious woke up and got MOVING.

    That's what i did last night! And tonight ... I'm going to the PUB!

    posted 11/11/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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