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Blog: And We're Back In The Room

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PHEW,things seem to be getting back to normal again now. What happened was that I got a new bank card, so had to change things on my billing information with Tripod. It APPEARS that their form automatically puts in an American State and ZIPCODE (ah! irony!), which made my banking information wrong, which meant they downgraded the site to a "free" account, thus closing down, putting adverts all over everything and destroying about half the files

The site is now BACK and the adverts are GONE... but all those missing files are still missing! I've asked them to put them BACK, as it seems a bit RUDE to DELETE all that EFFORT without even mentioning it first, so we'll see what happens, but you might find things MISSING still for the next few days. I'm planning to FINALLY do the site redesign as a result though, so it will have a happy ending I'm sure.

Meanwhile, we went to see Chris T-T last night... full report, LATER!

posted 19/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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While you're redesigning the site, how about embracing the futuristic possibilities of an RSS feed?
posted 20/10/2005 by Dan

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