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Blog: The Village

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It was CHUCKING it down with rain yesterday when we got on our Open Top Bus, so it was all a bit cold and wet. We got as far as Wall Street and Battery Park, then had ENOUGH and decided to go to THE PUB instead. We hit the TOOB and went to THE VILLAGE... actually this is all rather an abbreviation, as we spent a bit of time getting lost and confused too. It's all well and good having an easily navigable GRID system of streets, but if you're not sure which direction you're going in it does make it a bit difficult to work out, what with cross roads having four corners and all... ANYWAY, we got to the Village, went to a PUB which was OK, then went down the road to The White Horse, which was LOVELY. The BEER was really nice, they had GRATE chips, the atmosphere was homely, and apparently HISTORY lurked all around us. In the corner a guy called something like Josh Wade (an BLUES singer of The Village In The Beatnik Time) was being interviewed, and all around us people spoke of the documentary series they were directing. It was like going to the pub in London's Fashionable Soho, except these were GROWN-UPs doing the TV directing!

We left reluctantly and headed home, getting lost a few more times but being helped out by LOVELY New Yorkers. People really are very polite and helpful here, tho oddly STERN. I would say "humourless", but that makes it sound like people are DOUR. They're not, they just seem to want to get ON with things. For instance, on the open top bus we went up the stairs while it was raining, and got TOLD OFF. In That London it would have been a joking matter and HUMOUR would have emerged, but here there were RULES to be told. Shortly after this the guide lady said "I shall know sing a song of Greenwich Village" and then straight faced sang a verse of "Where have all the flowers gone", because she'd said she would. It was very nice, but it does feel a bit odd to be among such Straight Forward TYPES. Similarly when we were LOST nobody JAPED ABOUT, they just helped us, said "Have a good day" and carried on. It's actually quite REFRESHING to not get INVOLVED in hilarity during every interaction, but also a bit ODD.

ANYWAY soon we were back home in our SUITE (yes, we are in a SUITE) with our BRAIN MELTING view of the Hudson, The Chrysler and all the water towers. As i type the SUN's just come up behind me and it looks (hopefully) like today's going to be a bit more CLEMENT. We're off to do the Uptown LOOP this morning, then the plan is to meet Mr Michael Krugman for lunch in The East Village, pop on the second half of the DOWNTOWN loop, come home for a wash, then BACK to The Lower East Side to meet Mr Greg Weiss (and anybody else who fancies coming) at The Cake Shop for about 7.30pm.

It's a PACKED SCHEDULE, i shall report back on how we do!

posted 23/11/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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See you in an hour 45, chum! It is gonna be GRATE!!!!
posted 23/11/2005 by scrambledgreggs

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