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Blog: Aloha!

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Greetings from Paradise! We got into Hawaii earlier this afternoon after a VERY early wake up in San Francisco, and though I've only really ventured out to the shop, it does seem to be a very nice place, and MUCH jollier than mainland America. Most of the Americans we've met so far are very nice (tho what's all this about Shop Staff being SUPER NICE? Nearly everyone we've met in shops and restaurants has been WELL ARSEY, we were TOLD OFF twice in San Francisco!), but not particuarly JOLLY.

That is, apart from my relatives, The Ritchies, who we spent the day with on Saturday. We'd arrived in San Francisco on Friday night, and as i say, been told off for ordering similar curries in the restaurant - we're ENGLISH damn it, we know what we're doing! Excitingly, we were staying in a MOTEL, which like so many things in America, is Just Like Off The Telly. The Ritchies picked us up in the morning and we spent a GRATE day driving round town on the principle that if it FELT right to go somewhere, we would. We thus saw all sorts of places we otherwise wouldn't, and some that perhaps we shouldn't, nearly colliding with public transport a couple of times and, a personal highlight, driving down one of the steepest roads i have EVER seen at full pelt with the whole car,including driving, waving their arms in the air going "WHEE!!" MAN ALIVE the hills round San Francisco are MAD, you CLAMBER up them to find cars parked on (nearly) 45 degree slopes! CRAZINESS!

We also walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, which was yet another experience where my brain REFUSED to accept what was happening. It was BRILLIANT, stood halfway across looking out across the bay to Alcatraz and the city. We also went down Haight Ashbury, which was Quite Good until Ian got his video camera nicked. BOO!

Next day the Sheave In My Cable Car Mechanism and i went to Fisherman's Wharf and saw loads of antique boats, The Boudin Bread Museum (which was ACE, full of Interesting History and also FREE GRUB), the Famous Sea Lions, rode in a Cable Car, walked round Union Square, had CHAMPAGNE, saw The Cable Car Musuem (which was so brilliant we bought t-shirts), got told off AGAIN, this time in a Chinese Restaurant, clambered up MORE hills, and at the top of one of them stopped, out of breath, turned round and got an unexpected AMAZING view of the city. San Francisco is GRATE!

This morning at the airport we both got put through a SNIFFING MACHINE and had our bags TOUCHED to check that we weren't doing something - I'm not sure what, but we definitely weren't doing it. San Francisco is a MUCH nicer airport than JFK, which was HORRIBLE. They were NASTY to us entering the country, and when we were leaving the city the whole place was TENSE and MEAN. San Francisco was much more relaxed, but when we got to Hawaiin it was even nicer, with people smiling, RELAXED as they walked about (except for the bus driver, who go very worked up about us being 30 cents short of the fare, and refused to wait for us to go to an ATM). I'm not surprised people here are happy, it is LOVELY.

Also, we once again have INTERWEB and COOKING FACILITIES in our room. HOORAH! This is going to be the HOLIDAY section of our trip, so tomorrow, hopefully, we're doing NOTHING! ZANG!

posted 29/11/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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