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Blog: Bothering The BBC Robot

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We've just emailed a load of radio people to check if they got "Better Things To Do" OK, and in amongst the usual returns of MAIL DELIVERY ERROR and Out Of Office Replies (although, as with the newsletter, very few of these - is EVERYBODY at work at the moment?) we got a mighty BLATT of emails from The BBC Reply Robot all at the same time, saying that everybody gets lots of emails, and can't reply to them all. BBC Robot, you are SO polite - just one would have done, but thank you!

And speaking of The BBC, i went to the recording of a BBC Radio TWO programme yesterday. It was "It's Been A Bad Week" and it was Quite Good. They recorded an HOUR of it for the half hour show, which was good as some bits weren't that good, but some bits really were, especially Sue Perkins who was DEAD funny, and Mitch Benn's song about the piano up Ben Nevis. It was weird seeing him up there, it was like a PEEK into an ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE possibly - many MANY years ago i used to do LOADS of Comedy Sketch Writing, and had a few things accepted by The BBC (for the Arnold Brown Show), but then got distracted by ROCK and never followed it up. Watching Mitch, with whom i had ROCKED so ODDLY at that Slightly Unnerving semi-comedy gig in Brixton last year, I wondered whether I could have been doing that sort of thing now if I'd kept at it?

To be honest i am quite GLAD that I live here on Earth Prime* with MY lifestyle rather than that one, as comedy gigs always seem like an awful lot of work, and even though it's been over a DECADE since I did one myself I could still feel the ACHING PAIN that is a Laugh Unheard. Also, even in my limited range, ROCK gigs are quite a lot more SEXY, COOL and FUN that comedy gigs. Still, it was a RIGHT LAUGH to watch, it's one of the benefits of working in That London that me (and most people) don't really take enough advantage of.

* although, thinking about it, the COSMIC BEATNIK stylee of my life in ROCK is a lot more Earth 616**, whereas the Slightly Over-Serious And Clean Living nature of comedy is very Earth-1***.
** Earth in Marvel Comics
*** Earth in DC Comics, up to 1988****
**** I guess i can probably forget the bit about being "COOL", can't I?

posted 2/6/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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