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Blog: We're On Tour!

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You find me RELAXED and nearly ready for FOOTBALL today, as everything is VERY NEARLY DONE in preparation for the album release. I've got a huge pile of albums to send out to radio later in the week, it's true, but that should be a nice easy job, and then I've got a few bits to do on the webpage and some postcards to send to shops, but basically all the BIG STUFF is COMPLETED.

Not least of these completed issues is THE TOUR! I've spent the last MONTH or so badgering people for gigs and trying to make sure we don't do two gigs on the same day, or 3,000 miles apart, and I think it's looking pretty good. Full details as ever on the GIGS page, but this is how the Official Itinerary is looking now:
Thursday 6 July The Grapes, Sheffield
Saturday 8 July Portland Arms, Cambridge
Monday 10 July Bull & Gate, London (solo)
Friday 21 July Jug of Ale, Birmingham
Saturday 22 July The Adelphi, Hull
Sunday 23 July Carpe Diem, Leeds
Monday 24 July The Prince Albert, Brighton
Tuesday 25 July Firebug, Leicester
Wednesday 26 July The Windmill, London
Thursday 27 July Bunkers Hill Inn, Nottingham
MICHTY ME, that's a PROPER TOUR isn't it? In fact, the only two things that could make it MORE of a proper tour is if we got a van and had tour t-shirts made...

Tom's booking the van later this week. The t-shirts are on order. LET! US! ROCK!

posted 6/6/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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