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Blog: Shocked And Stunned

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I understand from the newspapers that Prince Charles does not think that people should "get above themselves" or try to attain any higher status than that into which they were born.

If you hadn't already read about this I can only apologise for being the one to bring you such astounding, shattering, completely unexpected information - I know I haven't been as shocked since I was told that teenage public schoolboys Busted voted Conservative! "But they're in a band" i thought, "how can this be?"

However, with Prince Charles there isn't even a much-better-anyway McFly to turn to for comfort (and believe you me, the McFly album is GRATE, honest, and is on REPEAT PLAY on our kitchen stereo) - the fact has to be faced that he ISN'T the great MERITOCRAT we thought him to be. FURTHER, he RAILS against the "child centered education system", which leads people to think they can be "pop stars, high court judges, brilliant TV personalities or infinitely more competent heads of state", which leads us to ask a NUMBER of questions:
  • What sort of education system is there that ISN'T child centered? Has he been trying to educate the CARROTS again, or is there something WELL SHADY about his time at Gordonstoun we do not know about?
  • Fair enough on the pop stars and TV personalities bit, but what AMAZING TV channel is he watching where ordinary people get the chance to be High Court Judges?!? And how does one get ON it? Oh BABY, give me some of that JUSTIC DISPENSING ACTION!
  • Does he really think "young people" are after his job, and if so, is that what he's REALLY worried about? I can understand how this would make him bitter, after all, he worked for... well, nine months to get that job, NOBODY can deny he EARNT it! What's "competency" got to do with anyway?

    Of course, with all this Daily Mail-based Social Hypocrisy, you can bet your last IMPERIAL SIXPENCE that somebody somewhere has said "It's Political Correctness Gone Mad!", and Mr Windsor does not dissapoint. What on earth did narrow minded dimwits blame BEFORE someone invented PC? "This is social democracy gone MAD!" maybe?

    In other news (yes, I looked at the front cover of the newspapers at lunchtime, can you tell?), Michael Howard is now even LESS popular than Ian Duncan Smith, and the most popular candidate amongst Tory members for replacement leader is William Hague, if only because they don't know the NAMES of any others! HOORAH! Come in Boris, YOUR TIME IS NOW!

    posted 18/11/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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