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Blog: Me and The Man

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"Why oh why do people SIGN AWAY THEIR LIVES to THE MAN?" i am forever asking. "Why don't ALL bands do what we at AAS do, and release things THEMSELVES?"

It's days like today when I think "Oh yeah, THAT's why" for LO! the CDs have STILL not arrived. As regular followers of this sorry tale will know, they were meant to be coming on Friday, but didn't make it across the mountains of Eastern Europe in time. I waited at home for them yesterday, but a backlog due to BROKEN VAN put it back to today. I arranged for them to be delivered to me at work, but as my NAME wasn't on the forms people here REFUSED to accept them, as they had no idea what this mysterious "AAS" delivery was.

OH! i could WEEP! So, tomorrow morning i have to get up early AGAIN, come in and WAIT for them, HOPE they arrive before lunchtime, STUFF 100 envelopes, post the ones pre-stamped, take the international ones to the post office, and THEN head off to HULL in the afternoon. If THE MAN is listening and he wishes to TEMPT me he could do little better than to send a LACKEY round tomorrow morning to say "You know, we have a whole department of people PAID to do this for you", for i fear i may be at my WEAKEST when it happens.

Mind you, when they DO arrive I shall be LEAPING AROUND for JOY so - AHA! - send your LEGIONS, THE MAN, i shall DEFY the lot of them!

posted 1/2/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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